Corsa OPC STEINMETZ The front spoiler in its 2-piece form, and the wheel and tyre combinations up to 19″, are simply made for a high fun factor. And the “little one” delivers fun on every journey, especially with the modified exhaust which not only offers an extra 10 HP but also provides a deeper note. The overall package is completed by a 15 mm lowering, leaving the driver with lingering impressions to make him smile long after, when remembering the drive.

Engine/Silencer: The already powerful engine, developing 141kW/192HP as standard, has been coaxed by the Steinmetz engineers into giving a further 7kW/10HP thanks to the use of the new left/right silencer system. This exhaust is also available for the central silencer arrangement. So the “little” Corsa OPC by Steinmetz, with its hefty 202 HP, is ready for the sprint.

Suspension: The Steinmetz lowering kit brings the Corsa OPC by Steinmetz 30 mm nearer to the tarmac. “A few“ millimetres which reduce the vehicle’s roll tendency and lower the centre of gravity. These two elements together give the Corsa OPC by Steinmetz even better road-holding in the limit zone, while retaining the expected level of comfort for everyday use.

Opel Corsa Tuning OPC

Aerodynamics/Interior: Crouching down and apparently smiling from the headlamps, the power of the front is emphasised by Steinmetz front grille Type II in honeycomb design with its vertical double strut and 2-piece front spoiler. Flowing transitions provide a pleasing uniformity. The front and rear sections are linked by the new Steinmetz designer stripes in silver or anthracite, and the aluminium filler cap sets a further accent. The interior is enhanced by the Steinmetz foot mats with stainless steel.

Wheel/tyre combination: Wheel and tyre combinations from 16″ to 19″ are available for the Corsa OPC by Steinmetz. The ST3 can be fitted in size 8.0J x 19“ and the ST4 in 8.0J x 18“. The ST4 is a bicolor wheel which fascinates observers thanks to its black/silver appearance, where its brilliance is the result of the polished finish. The resulting light interplay gives the desired effect which makes the wheel a true eyecatcher. All components together combine to create an everyday “race car” in which every kilometre driven is a kilometre more fun.

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