Irmscher Kicks Up Power in Opel GT

Irmscher Opel GT The German Opel-tuner Irmscher, based in Remshalden on the outskirts of Stuttgart, has presented their latest undertaking, a honed version of Opel’s classic roadster – the Opel GT. To cut to the chase, power from the 2.0-litre turbocharged Ecotec fourpot has been raised from a stock 260 bhp to an impressive 315 bhp.

It’s worth underlining that the stock Opel GT, weighing in at 1,335 kg (2,940 pounds) is by no standards a slow car, reaching 100 km/h in sub 6 seconds. Even the most diehard Opel haters should soften up at the thought of a rear-wheel-driven 315 bhp roadster with a balanced 51:49 weight distribution.

Irmscher hasn’t forgotten cosmetic modifications, which include a front spoiler lip, 19″ GT-Star Aluminium wheels with 245/40 ZR 19 tires, a leather steering wheel and a leather interior according to customer specification. The GT has also been lowered and fitted with a stainless steel sport exhaust with dual pipes to give a “meaty and chippy” exhaust note.

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