Here are some of the most useful links for every Opel modifying enthusiast, please visit also these websites, you may like some of them.

Steinmetz: is an automobile tuning company specialising in Opel (General Motors) cars, based in Aachen, Germany. They develop higher performance engines, sports suspension, special exhausts and complete aerodynamic bodystyling kits. Their engineers believe that the proving ground for all products is still in motorsport.

Irmscher: Opel Tuner

Courtnay Sport: For anyone who knows cars, Courtenay is a name that has been synonymous with Vauxhall for a good number of years. First in Norfolk, then nationwide and finally internationally. Courtenay’s started as a Vauxhall dealership in 1984 in North Walsham, under Chris Courtenay and with the influence of his motorsport background it widened its remit to include performance tuning, most notably turbocharging, with results that gained the company national recognition and coverage in countless specialist car magazines and on television programmes.

Lexmaul: Opel Tuner

MS Design: Opel Tuner

Rieger Tuning: Opel Tuner

JMS / Racelook: Opel Tuner

WS Styling: Opel Tuner

Lumma Tuning: Opel Tuner

Mantzel: Opel Tuner

Zender: Opel Tuner