WEITEC suspension for Opel Corsa GSi

Opel weitec WEITEC is now supplying SPORT F springs for the racy Opel Corsa D GSi (UK: Vauxhall Corsa SRi). Lowering: 20 mm. The springs are available with immediate effect.SPORT F springs which lower the body at front and back by 30 mm make an ideal starter for the WEITEC programme.

With its high-quality spring kits, WEITEC offers what is probably the most cost-effective alternative in this segment. Driving pleasure was never more affordable! Within its product range, WEITEC offers over 1,000 spring kits for a large number of different vehicle models. SPORT F spring kits are available in various versions, for discreet lowering of the body by between 20 and 45 mm, as well as more extreme (from 50 mm) and wedge-shaped body lowering. WEITEC SPORT F sport springs are produced to the highest quality by the cold winding process in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. High-quality chromium-silicon alloy steels, elaborate strengthening processes and the final epoxy coating process guarantee lasting driving pleasure.

WEITEC’s HICON GT coilover suspension series let you adjust the body height by adjustable spring seats, but, as with WEITEC ULTRA GT suspension, damping characteristics are preset. HICON GT coilover suspensions can be adjusted to heights in the range certified by Germany’s Technical Control Board (TÜV). Their compression struts are zinc-coated, with an additional seal to enhance rust protection. Reasonably-priced HICON GT coilover suspensions come as complete solutions with adjustable spring seats, racing spring system and stop elements with antidust system. Damping is guaranteed by a powerful and durable twin-tube system made of high-quality components.

More information about the entire range of WEITEC products can be found at www.WEITEC.de

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